Tijarahub builds its capacity with El Araby Group and Ayman Shahin Group

November 12, 2023
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Tijarahub held training on October 30th and 31st with two of their main clients: AlAraby Group and Ayman Shahin Group, with the support of the Foreign Trade Training Centre. The meeting took place at the Safer Hotel in Dokki.

  The training covered certain topics:

  •  Export logistics
  • About global trade
  • World trade map
  • Terms of payment and documentary credits
  • Door-to-door delivery services
  • Negotiation and contract drafting skills

International Marketing to cover the following topics:

  1. Market research and business information
  2.  Market selection criteria
  3. Distribution channels 
  4. Export marketing plan

Tijarahub is a business-to-business e-commerce platform that aims for simple and safe trading. 
One of their objectives is to share their knowledge with their clients and employees on the process of e-commerce global trading. 
Global Trading: The exchange of commodities and services across international borders is referred to as global trade. It's a vital component of the world economy, enabling nations to specialize in the production of particular commodities and services and to participate in profitable trade partnerships.
One way to visualize global trade flows is by using a world trade map. This map would show the flow of products and services between nations, emphasizing ports, important trade routes, and the amount of trade that occurs between them. Economists, decision-makers, and corporations frequently utilize these kinds of visualizations to comprehend and examine trends in international commerce.
An alternative reading can involve a map that depicts global economic blocs and agreements. To promote trade among themselves, nations frequently form alliances and agreements. In this context, a map of global commerce would display the numerous trade blocs, regional accords, and alliances that are in place. Groups such as the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may fall under this category.

  • International Marketing: The planning, carrying out, and coordinating of marketing initiatives on an international level is referred to as international marketing. It entails marketing and selling goods and services internationally while accounting for regional variations in culture, economy, politics, and the law. Reaching outside one's home market to take advantage of opportunities in a variety of worldwide markets is the aim of international marketing for businesses.
  • Market Research: The methodical collection, examination, and interpretation of data on market dynamics, consumer behavior, industry trends, and competitive environments are all part of market trade research. The intention is to give companies insightful information that will help them make more informed strategic decisions and improve their comprehension of the markets in which they compete.
  • Market Selection Criteria: Businesses utilize a set of characteristics and considerations known as market selection criteria to assess and rank potential markets for their goods and services. Selecting the appropriate markets is a crucial choice that can affect a company's capacity to succeed and endure.


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The training helped educate the clients and advocate for the process of e-commerce global trading. Tijarahubenhanced their business partnership with their clients, while also ensuring beneficial gains to the vendors and employees. 


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