Flavors of Progress: Inside the UAE's Thriving Food and Beverage Realm

December 31, 2023
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Discovering the rich tapestry of flavors within the UAE's food and beverage market reveals a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. Situated at the crossroads of cultures, this dynamic market offers an enticing array of culinary experiences that showcase the country's diverse heritage and global influences. From aromatic spices reminiscent of ancient trade routes to modern dining adventures, the UAE's food scene encapsulates a captivating journey through taste, culture, and creativity. Let's delve into this thriving industry, uncovering its unique ingredients, trends, and irresistible appeal that make the UAE a culinary haven. In our blog we will delve into further details and cover the following topics: -

  • The increase in processed food and beverages in UAE.
  • Top imported products in food and beverages
  • UAE excels in the food and beverages industry
  • Navigating chocolate and chips in the UAE
  • Healthy snacks in the UAE
  •  TijaraHub offers delectable snacks


The Increase in Processed Food and Beverages in the UAE

The UAE imports of processed food and beverages reached (USD 12.5 billion) in 2022, with an increase of 27% compared with 2021 imports. Dubai stands as a major re-export hub in the world and is home to Jebel Ali port. In 2022, a significant 30% is re-exported, leaving $8.8 billion within the country.

Top Imported Products in Food and Beverages

Dairy products including milk and cream, butter, processed cheese, yogurt…etc. are the top imported products with value exceeding (USD 2.1 Billion), and beverages, spirits and vinegar with value (USD 1.6 Billion) come in the second place, followed by cereals, diversified edible preparations and preparations of cereals, flour, and starch

What made the UAE excel in the food and beverages industry?

There are key factors that had a significant impact on the growth of the food and beverages industry in the UAE market: -

1. Tourism and Hospitality : The UAE prioritizes diversity and tourism, which significantly impacted its ability to offer a wide array of cuisines and foods from various global regions. Since Dubai is a world-class culinary destination, it brings top chefs and remarkable names globally to open restaurants in the UAE.

  • Nusr-Et Steakhouse: is well known for “Salt Bae”. He opened an international top-quality steak restaurant in UAE. The restaurant lists Turkish favorites and edible portions of meat on the menu.
  •  Gordon Ramsy’s Bread Street Kitchen: Located in Atlantis, The Palm. IT’s one of the renowned chef's restaurant ventures, known for its British-European cuisine. The restaurant's name pays homage to London's Bread Street, where Ramsay's own upbringing was rooted. It's a vibrant, upscale yet relaxed dining spot that offers a variety of dishes reflecting Ramsay's signature culinary style.
  • Colagreco: Chef Mauro fuses his Argentinian and Italian heritage to create outstanding meals and dishes. He provides flavored and edible meals.

Visit top chef restaurants in the UAE: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/articles/celebrity-chefs-dubai

2. Strategic Location: Situated as a global crossroads between East and West, the UAE's geographical location has facilitated trade and access to diverse food ingredients from various regions, and UAE became a trade hub for the global import and export of food and beverages.

3.Cultural Diversity: The UAE is home to a multicultural population with diverse tastes and preferences. This diversity has created a robust market for various cuisines and dining experiences.



From Sweet Bliss to Salty Thrills: Navigating Chocolates and Chips in the UAE


Confectionery & Snacks are the market's largest segment with a market volume of USD 9.34 billion in 2023. The snacking category in the UAE market is surging and witnessed an impressive 15.9% overall average growth in 2022. Chocolates in particular grew at the fastest rate of 20% due to increased consumption; and some of the best-performing brands

here were M&Ms and Best of Minis.

UAE provides delicious snacks that energize you throughout the day. Consumers prefer to snack on chocolates and chips.

  1. Choki Choki, Chocolate Paste: It is made of quality chocolate and creamy milk in a chocolate paste format.
  2. Chips Oman: One of the crustiest and most flavored chips you will find in the UAE and Gulf region.
  3. Super Ring Cheese: It is known for its rich cheese flavor and nostalgic memories.
  4. Forrey & Galland: Forrey & Galland’s chocolates are founded in Dubai. They sell in over 70 countries, and the company has won numerous awards for its products. 


Organic, Health and Plant-Based Trends Continue surging


Health-conscious UAE consumers are growing in number and looking for healthier and nutritious products continues to grow in the U.A.E. as more people look for alternatives such as organic, vegan, and gluten and sugar free offerings. UAE offers a variety of healthy snacks to eat daily:

  1. Simply Dates: Simply provides date-based snacks that are suitable for everyone as a regular snack. All of the ingredients in their products are vegan-friendly products made of natural fruit extracts and dates. The items don't include dairy, added sugar, or nuts in them.
  2. Munchbox Coconut Energy Balls: These energy balls are packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats that are perfect and suitable for pick-me-up snacks.
  3. Hunter's Gourmet Mixed Vegetable Chips: Hunter's uses only real vegetables to manufacture their Mixed Vegetable Chips. To preserve the nutrients, flavors, and colors of the vegetables, they chop and pack them carefully.
  4. Nairn's Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits: It is made of healthy ingredients such as wholegrain oats, stem ginger, and ground ginger. Which makes for appealing and edible snacks. A better and more effective alternative for unhealthy snacks.


Discover more healthy snacks variety: https://the360mix.com/blogs/blog/top-10-healthy-snacks-in-the-uae-for-2023


TijaraHub Offers Delectable Snacks on its Platform


Tijarahub is a B2B e-commerce platform that offers products and services by connecting buyers and sellers. Tijarahub offers services in Gulf Arabian countries. Our office is located in UAE, Egypt, and Turkey. We provide a variety of snacks on our platform that are suitable for your go-to day. Screenshot%202023-12-28%20123828.png?1704033799834

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