Founder, HappyCafe
"Launching our Cafe and finding a chep resource to compete with in the Saudi Market is very challenging, and TijaraHub exceeded our expectations. The platform not only connected us with top-tier suppliers but also provided tailored shipping solutions and secure payment options with less pricines than the market by more than 20% which helped us to compete with our competitors .TijaraHub is the catalyst for startups into the global market.

International Sales Manager, EcoProducts Ltd.
"As an international sales, TijaraHub stands out as an invaluable asset. The platform's diverse range of certified suppliers and user-friendly interface have empowered us to explore new markets and establish strong B2B connections, Especially that we did not have any previous experience to buy any products from both Egypt and Turkey. It really helped us in having a new orders from both countries, hassle free I would say, noting that we have never worked previously with both manufacturers ."


Director of Procurement, Tech Innovations Ltd.
"As a director responsible for procurement, TijaraHub has simplified our supplier management and enhanced the efficiency of our B2B transactions. They were able to remove the headache that that we have seen in managing the orders and receiving it on time in the normal trades and orders we used to do as well the secure payment options and product inspection services make it a trustworthy partner in our global sourcing strategy."

CEO, Global Imports Co.
"TijaraHub has revolutionized the way we engage in B2B trading. The platform's seamless navigation and comprehensive services have significantly boosted our international transactions. It's a game-changer for businesses like ours."

Purchasing specialist, TheHup Supermarket
We had a lot of challenges recently whenever receiving any products to our supermarkets through Qatar customs, due to paperwork, with Tijarahub we were able to have all our orders specially from Turkey smoothly and without any paperwork issues or challenges to deliver it to our store, Thanks for the support

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